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My friend and fellow author Bill Landay (Defending Jacob, Mission Flats) declares the About the Author thing “a dilemma,” and I tend to agree.

It always begins with the author’s bio, what Bill calls “that stilted three or four sentence blurb on the back flap of the dust jacket” intended to sell books by telling you as quickly and as gloriously as possible about the author’s qualifications.

The bio is a risky proposition. It walks that fine line between the professional and personal. It is an attempt to give you the reader enough information to know the author while seeking to deftly moderate that in-the-brain debate over just how much you need to know the person.

That’s just part of the dilemma Bill is referring to; the other part, as he astutely points out, is that the bio tends to influence (even over-influence) the reader’s reading of the book. That’s a problem, especially in a book like this that is meant to be much more about the reader than the author.

I tend not to think of myself personally as all too relevant to your reading of A Deliberate Pause. Clearly, the views in the book are mine. But even they are views drawn from patterns and observations across an enormous number of people, ventures, and visions. (At some level, even their contributions are of relative importance.)

In the final analysis, what’s important is you and how you see things: this book, its stories and lessons, the world. What matters is your ability after reading this book to see more clearly and your willingness to do more to advance this planet and this species. 

At the risk of sounding too blunt, the best place to find me and to find out how I think, at least on the topics of entrepreneurship and human progress, lies in the pages of A Deliberate Pause (and now in the pages of The Language of Man as well). These topics matter a great deal to me.  That’s why I looked far beyond myself for the lessons.  That’s why I wrote this book (and The Language of Man).  Knowing that is enough.  The rest of your brain power is best spent exploring what matters to you.

Basic Stats

  Name: Larry Robertson

  Age: About half way

  College: Stanford

  Grad School: Kellogg

  Day Job(s):

    - Founder, Lighthouse Consulting

    - Former Adjunct Professor E-ship

      (Georgetown’s Graduate B-School)

    - Board Member (various)

    - Advisor (many)

    - Columnist (Inc & The Creativity Post)

    - Speaker (where it counts)

    - University Guest Lecturer (long time)

    - Volunteer (too often)

    - Father, Husband, coach, other roles


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In 100 words or less...

Award-winning author Larry Robertson has spent nearing three decades in the entrepreneurial universe in roles ranging from advisor to investor and many in between. He is a gifted, insightful, and visionary authority in this uniquely human space.

In 1992, he founded Lighthouse Consulting, which, appropriately, guides entrepreneurial ventures, their leaders, and those who invest in them. A former Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and a frequent lecturer on entrepreneurship and creative thought at universities nationwide, Larry is a recognized expert in these areas in public, private, and academic forums. He writes for Inc. Magazine and The Creativity Post.

from A Deliberate Pause: “What distinguishes humans from other life forms, one thing at least, is entrepreneurship. It is in every human being and everything human.”

Muhammad Yunus

Founder, Grameen Bank

Winner, Nobel Peace Prize

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