People in the Pause

(Contributors to A Deliberate Pause)


How did this book come to be?

For A Deliberate Pause, I interviewed more than 200 individuals whose experiences encompass a full range of profiles and perspectives that make up the entrepreneurial universe. These interviewees are part of the conversation you will join by reading this book.

I call them contributors.

They cross boundaries defined by industry, tax status, definition of value, geography, gender, and other limiting demographics. Many are, of course, entrepreneurs. Just as important, they are investors and donors, advisors and teachers of entrepreneurship, with several filling more than one of these roles. About half come from the for-profit world; nearly one-quarter are female; roughly one-fifth are minorities or immigrants.

As you will see, these entrepreneurial contributors belie the stereotypes. They know what makes entrepreneurship work and they eagerly shared what they’ve seen and learned. When you meet them on the pages of A Deliberate Pause, you no doubt will recognize some names from news headlines and others associated with whatever slice of the world you inhabit. Many will be new to you. But regardless of role, background, notoriety, or geography, all of them feel deeply passionate about entrepreneurship. Individually and together, they have a great deal to teach from their own ventures, from advising others, and simply from inhabiting the entrepreneurial universe.

One thing is clear: What these exceptional, thoughtful individuals contribute about entrepreneurship isn’t commonly taught in business schools or noted in trendy business books. This book relates what these veterans and advocates of the entrepreneurial universe believe should be known and talked about but isn’t. Their stories allow you to understand who is behind the powerful force of entrepreneurship, how they go about doing their work, and why they do what they do despite the odds and setbacks.

What was in it for them to be a part of this book?

They want millions more people to understand entrepreneurship better because they know the benefits will accrue to humanity’s progress. And they know it’s time to put that understanding into action.

David Adamson

Bob Allen

Allen Alley

Patty Alper

John Altorfer

Brad Barnhorn

Spencer Beebe

Jeff Bede

David BenDaniel

Mike Bernstein

Jason Berv

Brien Biondi

Ryan Black

Jim Blasingame

PV Boccasam

David Boyer

Don Britton

Telaekah Brooks

Jan Bruce

Kevin Burns

Craig Burris

Bill Campbell

Mary Cantando

Siobhan Canty

Lyles Carr

Carter Cast

Bill Cast

Robin Chase

Michael Chasen

Nick Cho

Duke Chung

Dwayne Clark

Jim Click

Charles Conn

Joe Cracchhiolo

Noah Croom

Doug Davidoff

Mike Devine

Matt Dorman

Cheryl Dorsey

Bill Drayton

Esther Dyson

Robert Egger

Karl Eller

Mary Ann Elliott

Ben Elowitz

Jed Emerson

Doug Epstein

Rafe Esquith

Najlah Feanny Hicks

Brad Feder

Ed Feeney

Charlie Ferris

Will Finnerty

Betsy Flanagan

Gene Foley

David Ford

Gregg Fraley

Mark Frantz

Edie Fraser

Scott Frederick

Betsy Friedlander

Ching Ho Fung

Ken Getz

Melinna Giannini

Tom Gillespie

Martin Goebel

Casey Golden

Maria Gomez

Sandy Gooch

Rick Phalen

Alex Pinchev

Dan Pink

Jared Polis

Eddie Poplowski

Jim Quest

Ken Ramberg

Dennis Ratner

Robert Reffkin

Dave Remick

Gene Reichers

Arjun Rishi

Sandy Robertson

Steve Rogers

Jon Roush

Margarita Rozenfeld

Steve Russell

Carl Safina

Gene Samburg

Jeff Sandefer

Roger Sant

Otto Scharmer

Spencer Schock

Peter Seligmann

Peter Senge

Jim Shaffer

Baiju Shah

Billy Shields

Billy Shore

Michael Shuman

Wayne Silby

Michael Simon

Geoff Smart

Philippe Sommer

Alan Sorkin

Rick Sperling

Vikki Spruill

Reggie Stanley

Jill Stelfox

Michael Strong

Unky Sundt

Mike Sutton

Tom Szaky

Richard Tait

Velan Thillairajah

Carlene Theissen

Rick Toren

Karen Usher

Patrick Von Bargen

Julian Waits

Tom Ward

Danny Warshay

Alice Waters

Ann Webster

Harry Weller

Brad Whitehead

Tien Wong

John Wood

Jim Wrathall

April Young

Muhammad Yunus

John Zitzner

Adamson Editions

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Alper Portfolio Group


Global NutriFoods


Chesapeake Capital

Cornell, Johnson School


The Watershed School

Young Entrepreneurs Org


Small Business Advocate


Troy Systems

Network Alliance

Southeastern University

Body & Soul Magazine

Sage Software

Smart CEO Magazine


The Woman’s Advantage

Greater DC Cares

The McCormick Group

Tri-state Medical IPA



Murky Coffee


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Jim Click Automotive



Godwin Sports

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Flow Idealism

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Ctr for Future of Oceans






The Personnel Office

Kaufmann Foundation


Cornell University

DEW Ventures

Edible School Yard

Harvard Medical School

New Enterprise Associates

Cleveland Foundation


Room to Read



Grameen Bank

E-City Cleveland

There are many voices in the entrepreneurial universe.

My goal with A Deliberate Pause was not to speak for each of my contributors or to try to tell their stories in full.  they can do a much better job of that than anyone else. In fact, many of them have.

If you’d like to learn more about some of the contributors to ADP, you might want to check out the veritable library of books they’ve generated. You’ll find classics, lesser known volumes, and most of all: wisdom.

Contributors’ Bibliography

Laurence Gonzales

Bill Gorog

Bijoy Goswami

David Green

Allen Grossman

Irv Grousbeck

Anil Gupta

Rob Hagen

Travis Hardmon

Verne Harnish

Kristi Hedges

Oran Hesterman

John Holaday

Jeffrey Hollender

Gary Hoover

Dipak Jain

John Jaquette

Charlene Drew Jarvis

Donna Jensen Madier

Dave Jilk

Judy Jobbitt

Craig Johnson

Gary Jonas

Gene Kahn

Julie Kantor

Andy Kapit

Guy Kawasaki

Karen Kerrigan

Raj Khera

Ruth Taylor Kidd

Judy Kirpich

Mary Knebel

Ray Leach

Reggie Van Lee

Mena Lofland

Rich Lyons

Mary MacPherson

Darius Mahdjoubi

Tracy Stone Manning

Steve Mariotti

Art Marks

John May

Mike McCaffery

Rob McGovern

Peter Meehan

Andreas Merkyl

Caren DeWitt Merrick

Jeff Mitchell

Dan T. Moore III

Mario Morino

Mike Morris

Robin Mudge

Gary Mulhair

Will Murray

Gary Myers

Mary Naylor

Cory Neal

Kirk Neiswander

Nell Newman

Stephen O’Connor

Eric Olsen

Jan Olsen

Joel Peterson

Deep Survival

Lexus Nexus

Bootstrap Austin

The Eye Fund

Harvard Business School

Stanford Business School

Smith School of Business

Commerce 5

Natl Capital Child Dvlpmt


Shea Hedges

WK Kellogg Foundation


Seventh Generation


Kellogg Business School

Cornell University

Southeastern University


George Mason University

Venture Law Group

20/20 Eye Centers

Cascadian Farms



Sm Bus E-ship Council





Booz Allen

Suitland High School

Haas School of Business


Univ of Texas Austin

Clark Fork Foundation


Valhalla Partners

New Vantage Partners

Stanford Mgmt Company

Newman’s Own Organics

California Environ Assoc


Klamath Tribe

Dan T Moore Companies

Legent Technologies

Ocean Optics


Pioneer Healthcare

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