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If you find yourself asking questions like those, then this is the page for you!

This page will give you a quick overview of the way in which the site is organized and links directly to the sections and pages you are seeking.

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The Book

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The Book section includes: About the Book, Book Structure, Sample Excerpt, Reviews and News, and Author Q&A.

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First things first. The site is split into 3 main sections:

  1. -The Author

  2. -The Book

  3. -The Community

The theory is that if you are a deliberate visitor to this site, it’s one of these 3 things that you’re after.

Within every section you’ll find lots of resources. But on the on the opening page of each section, you’ll first find the basics - about the author, the book, or the community. If after the basics you want more, the main page of each section offers you a list of options, each item in the list providing a link to a page or pages offering more detail.

The Author section focuses on providing you with insights about and insights from Larry Robertson, author of A Deliberate Pause. After the basics, here are the other supporting pages you’ll find:

  1. -Author Q&A. This page offers 10 questions and answers about the book.

  2. -Deliberate Pauses (blog). When I have thoughts to share on the books topics, they’ll appear here.

  3. -Articles, Interviews, Activities. Here you’ll find articles by or about me, interviews with me, and activities in which I am taking part.

  4. -Lighthouse Consulting. This page links you too my business and my professional life beyond the book.

The Book section focuses on the book itself, giving you a taste of the book before you buy it. After the overview on the main page of this section you’ll find the following pages:

  1. -Book Structure. This page tells you the approach taken in the book and gives a quick overview of its 4 Parts.

  2. -Excerpt. Come here to read a sample from the book.

  3. -Reviews and News. Just what it sounds like - come here to learn what people are saying about the book.

  4. -Author Q&A. This page is exactly like the Q&A in The Author section; it’s just found by a different path.

The Community section is for you. By the time you get here you’ll have learn about me and about the book. Here’s where you can come to engage the book’s lessons in action. As the main page lays out, you have 3 key sub-areas of this section you can visit, each with its own added parts:

  1. -Entrepreneurs in Action. Set-up like a blog format, this is a unique space where I will share stories of entrepreneurship in action. Different from interviews (another part of this section), the format here is me recounting or telling a story of entrepreneurship. It’s less theory and lesson, more real world example.

  This subsection has several subparts of its own:

   * People in the Pause. This is a list of Contributors to the book and their primary affiliation.

   * Books by Contributors. Just like its sounds.

  1. -Speaking of Entrepreneurship. Here you can come to read about, watch, and listen to people engaged in entrepreneurship and be inspired.

   This subsection also has several subpart of its own:

   * Video Interviews. Video interviews with entrepreneurial thinkers.

   * Text Interviews. Same thing, but the written version.

   * Sample Quotes. This section offers select quotes from Contributors and others.

  1. -Take a Pause. This third and last part of The Community Section let’s you practice the lessons of the book.

  Once again, this subsection has subparts of its own:

   * Pause of the Moment. Different chances to pause will be offered every so often.

     Feedback will be captured and lessons culled from the feedback. You’ll find the current

     pauses and the archives here.

3 Main Sections of The Site

Content and Pages of Each Main Sections

Navigation Within Sub-pages of 3 Main Sections

To make things easier for you, when you drill down within any one main section to its sub-pages, you’ll be able to find your way back to the main page of that section by one of two navigation tools.

On most pages you’ll find this navigation guide offering you links to any of the sub-pages in that section (here’s an example from The Book Section):

On a few pages you’ll instead find a button like the one shown below. These are found when you are really drilling down, say from a blog entry to the archive. They kick you back up one page above from where you’ll find the larger navigation guide and more options.

When life gets complicated, don’t forget you can always choose from the navigation menus at the top and bottom of each page!

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