Take a Pause


The deliberate pause is not an act or an option that belongs to the few. It is available to all of us.

But it takes practice. Throughout A Deliberate Pause examples of pauses are offered. After each of the four parts of the book, pauses are given to the reader. And at the end I offer up a list or pauses you can practice.

This section of the website builds on that, offering you added ways to pause over time and to see what others are doing.

I hope to hear and learn from you.

Pause of the Moment...

Sample Responses

Key Learnings

Watch this Space!

For comments back from visitors and readers who take time to pause!

Watch this Space!

For regular pauses offered by me (or you!) that allow you to practice pausing and share your thoughts with the rest of us!

Watch this Space!

For learnings derived from your pauses and your feedback!

Link to an archive of pauses, learnings, and comments.

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