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As you read A Deliberate Pause, you will find that the emphasis on entrepreneurship and the importance of community are persistent mantras. In this Community section of the website, you will have the chance to...

- Witness entrepreneurship in action

- Learn from entrepreneurial thinkers

- Take pauses of your own, and

- Get involved

The Community section is organized with those four themes in mind. Come. Have a look. Jump on in.


From One to Many

“It is a wide and shallow stream, one which we get across by all individuals buying and throwing their rocks in until there are many paths across.”

Robin Chase

Co-founder, Zipcar

Time’s 100 World’s Most Influential People

Entrepreneurship in Action

Read it.

Here you can...

Read stories of entrepreneurial thinking alive in the world around us:

  - Most recent stories

  - Archives of stories

Learn about the Contributors to

A Deliberate Pause:

  - People in the Pause (contributors)

  - Books by Contributors

Check out books that might inspire your thinking:

  - Books I’m reading lately

  - Books readers recommend

Speaking of Entrepreneurship...

See it.

Hear it.

Here you can...

Listen to entrepreneurial thinkers in their own words:

  - Check out Video Interviews

  - See sample Quotes by Contributors

  - Find out what Readers Say about ADP

Do it.

Here you can...

Take your own deliberate pause:

  - Practice pausing (pause of the month)

  - Read about others pausing

  - Archive of pauses and feedback

Explore opportunities to get involved.

  - A Deliberate Pause on Twitter

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